The secret to your body and mind

ok ok, here is the secret to our bodies and brain. I know it sounds like some quasi spiritual idealistic jargon but it will make sense.

1. Our body is mostly made of water which flushes out about every 16 days And cells which almost 100% are replaced in 7-10 years. Some cells never get replaced, but forgot about those stubborn un-relevant brain cells for now.

2. Every cell is made of a molecule

3. Every molecule is made of atoms

4. Every atom is generated by proton positive energy and electron negative energy. It also has a Neutron but that is just there to keep things stable. The proton almost never change unless you are nuclear.

So let’s focus on the wild card, The Electron. This little thing inside of Atoms has more control over your health and life than anything on the planet.

Here is how:

When new atoms are created they can either have more or less electrons. The more electron the less energy the atom will produce. The less electron the more “positive energy” the atom will produce, if done right it creates an ionized state. (This is really good for your health) For example Cancer cannot live in a ionized state.

The energy path to almost all new cell based atoms depends on the existing atoms it interacts with and the external energy it comes from. It learns from the atoms it’s closest too and is created from what’s directly around you.

You HAVE to have new positive charged atoms for health, energy, nerve strength, your brain, everything is a snow ball of positive OR negative / neutral charged atoms in your body.

If you allow negative atoms to exist, you are literally letting your body decline in health.

Keep in mind your body produces 90 billion new cells every hour. That’s a lot of bad or good atoms you are creating right now!

Soooooo, how do you create positive charged atoms in your existing cells?

It’s easy…. you just need to be around good energy. There is energy everywhere, just like our cells it’s good and bad.

The energy around you is what new atoms are made from. Your existing atoms is what tells these baby atoms what to do.

It’s essential to project positive energy and to be around positive energy to have a true healthy life.


Go into the forest, walk in sand, go to a lake, go to the beach, walk through a park. Nothing has more natural positive energy then being around healthy growing nature.

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