Drive your business. Don’t let your business drive you.

Balancing business and life is a task not for the weary. After ten years as a part owner of Web Host Pro there has been times I forgot to get sun for months, I have forgot to take care of my posture and weight, and many many other things from neglect. It’s a slippery slope and everything can become much harder to handle as you drift from your comfort zone.

Here is 5 tips I have learned over the years that hopefully will give some ideas on how to manage your life and business balance.

1. Have a target weight. This will help you catch when you are gaining weight before it’s too much to take care of swiftly.

2. Get outside of your office and house for an hour. That is at least one hour each day outdoors period.

3. Find new places to work. Nothing gets you stuck in a rut like the same routine day in and day out. If you can work from your laptop then do it. Cafe’s, restaurants, libraries, are good places to start.

4. Cook! You cannot stay healthy if you always eat out. You need to learn how to make healthy stuff like oatmeal, salmon, eggs, and chicken breasts.

5. Learn. Just because you have a successful business or no extra time there is no excuse for not learning more. The internet makes this easier than ever with news, wiki’s, and free study sites.

Hope this helps, most important with all aspects of life is to focus on the good and ignore the bad. Just like an emotion if you think of sad things you will be sad and vise versa. So think of good things and stay focused.


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