Addiction is not what we think

Guy Kawaski always likes to talk about how assets are a value or a liability. And he should, that little concept he mastered has made him millions. For an example; if a product you buy goes down in value it’s a liability. Like a car and TVs. But an asset that makes you money is a value, like some houses and stocks. This is kind of where I’m coming from when I try to explain personal instant gratification slash addiction has values and liabilities. See, certain things in life are exciting and fun but have no long term value. On the other hand if you are always thinking in the future you will miss out on some amazing things happening right now. And if you get sucked into things that have a very bad effect it can ruin your life. These three elements are everything when it comes to identifying what addictions are good to have and which ones need to be ghosted like yesterday.

This article is an attempt to break down things we are addicted to for instant gratification or and for long term happiness and which ones out weigh the others.

First stop being so hard on your self if you have an ADDICTIVE personality. This is not a bad thing, if nurtured and disciplined it is actually a phenomenal trait. The key is to hone in on the right things.

There is some obvious bad addiction assets that made the list.

Gambling – We all know it’s wring and the odds are against us. It’s tricky because entrepreneurs tend to be the biggest rick takers. They almost like having the odds against them. But in reality that urge to beat the odds and overcome adversity is not a good investment with your life. Gambling is unhealthy, 8-10 times a waste of money, a stress inducer, and at best the happiness from winning lasts a day or two apposed to losing can last a lifetime. This is obviously more about substantial gambling, $5 here and there has no effect either way.

Smoking – Smoking, it’s horrible, a deal breaker for dating, even people with triple bypass diabetes will judge you. But your healthy and a couple won’t effect your overall health so why not do it to relax? The biggest reason to not smoke is not saving money, to not be judged, to avoid disease, or because it smells bad. The main reason to quit smoking is because you are dependent on it. Anytime you become addicted to anything you lose your personal strength that is needed in so many other areas. Being fully independent of any addictions is one of the most empowering places you can be.

Drinking – Everyone drinks, well expect those guys that had some serious shit happen that they will never mention and have to avoid it like to plague or all hell will break loose. Your not that guy or girl. You like to have a couple drinks through-out the week and every once in a while go crazy for fun. So is this really a bad life asset. It helps burn off steam and it’s fun. Well if you really break down the positive .vs negative drinking does not stand up. First it’s expensive, second it’s takes away your focus, it can be addictive, and no matter how in control you are there is always going to be nights you do something you really regret. When you weight that against the positives alcohol has we all should be in AA.

Anger – Have you ever met someone just angry all the time. I have and I asked why are you so angry and most of the time it’s because they say they are not little bitches or the world is a horrible place. Some have even said it’s just who they are. The reality here is you get more flies with honey than vinegar. The old saying stands up. Being angry all the time becomes a character trait which will ruin good relationships, create anger in others, and waste a lot of time that could be enjoyed. I think getting angry time to time is normal and you don’t want to be passive aggressive and blow up from holding all your anger in. Just try not to make a daily action.

And there was some that obviously made the good assets list

Working out – Like all these examples I’m referring to normal activity. If you have to inject needles in your ass or gut than your quickly in the liability zone. But getting the gym daily and taking health classes is a big positive asset for your life.

Eating healthy – Is that organic Kale really worth $10? Don’t worry about spending a little extra for your health food hobby. My limit normally is I will pay at most around double for organic .vs chemicalized.

Sleeping well – Do you REM? I hope so, that is the best stage for healing and resetting your mind.

Vitamins – Don’t listen to all the hoopla about vitamins not being good. There was a point when the French lived off bread, Germans lived off sausage, and Americans had fried food and cigarettes for breakfast. My point is we are evolved enough to know what should have and how to get it. Take advantage of it!

Being in nature – They say walking grass or dirt barefoot gives you energy from the earth. Who are we say it doesn’t.

The reality is that there is thousands of good and bad addictive elements we have different levels of addiction to.

An important part of being an adult and “growing up” is realizing the risk vs. reward and balancing them all for a safe long term happiness. Having a great night is meaningless if the rest of the week sucks. Here is a couple basic questions to ask if your habit should be an addiction or tossed.

Does it make me healthier
Does it make me stronger
Does it make me feel younger
Does it give me more energy
Can I do this everyday and not have anything bad happen
Can I stop this if I really had to
Do I secretly feel guilty for doing it (guilt is a subconscious depression trigger)

If you can answer yes to these than you are probably looking at a good habit.

So why do we tend to only point out bad things with the term addiction?

I can only speculate of course… my guess is that the people in charge of clinical terms a hundred some odd years ago were cold and angry. I mean being around violence and insanity all day can do that. That’s after years of studying it as well. Then add that they were clueless most of the time on how to resolve the problems and you get cold, dispirited people that when making terms wanted it (I assume) to sound as upset and mean as they are. The reality is there is far more positive things to be addicted to than bad.

For every coffee dependency there is a hundred travel addicts. For every pain killer junkie there is a hundred people that have to play sports.

What’s the point of making addiction a less taboo sounding word?

There is none. But I appreciate you reading this and maybe someday we’ll be the ones to make a bad word good again. And don’t forget to get addicted to waking on the right side of the bed, eating a healthy breakfast, and drinking lots of water 😉


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