It’s a new year, let’s de-clutter some junk

If you knew and it’s probably better if you don’t considering my compulsive perfection tendencies. I like things in order. Color coded, symmetric, feng shui dialed in perfection. Of course I would never expect someone to be like this and I feel bad for people sharing my house that have to deal with it. I can say though, being this dialed in all the time frees up a lot of time and effort that would be wasted on what if I changed this or procrastinating doing that. So my empathetic brain and compulsive organizing history came up some realistic tips to de-clutter for all. This means more peace of mind and a calmer way of life around the house.

  1. Fold things neatly. For this to work you need a lot of the same stuff. A bunch of shirts and pants and underwear. Otherwise a couple items folded won’t have the fancy effect I’m trying to ensue. See opening a drawer with everything folded neatly looks great and feels like a million bucks. This includes your undies. Do it, trust me.
  2. Only Keep Stuff That Makes you Truly happy. There is a lot of little tools people suggest to find what you actually should keep. Some say to look at every item and think about it reminds you of happiness or grief. Another system says to keep your hangers one way and every time you use a new item add it back the other way. After a while you will see clothes that are never touched. The main thing is if you don’t like it or use it LET IT GO. Donate that shit and get some good vibes from it. You can always get a new one if you really miss it (you probably won’t). It amazes me how people will spend $100 on dinner but hold on to a $20 shirt for life.
  3. Throw your papers away! This is a big one. Stop keeping receipts and coupons and flyers, and magazines, and clips and yada yada. You are not getting audited and if you did you can use your bank statements and card statements. On a side note you should always buy everything with a credit card. Never use a debit or cash for anything. On a side note you should always buy everything with a credit card. Never use a debit or cash for anything. Shred it if you have to but the papers gotta go.
  4. Organize your closet by color. Seriously don’t make fun of me. I used to do winter stuff in the back, shirts up front, sweaters together, and trust me… just color coordinate everything. It will look more awesome and it’s easier to decide what to wear.
  5. Stop collecting tchotchkes. These are the worst. I used to have a Hawaiian god thing, mini surf boards, little bridges, painted lizards, I mean my place was a bad redneck garage sale waiting to happen. If you want a memory from your trip TAKE A PICTURE. These nick knacks have no place in life. Sorry side street random stuff salers, it’s time to stop.
  6. Pick two colors for each room. I used to only do one color but recently branched out to the two color zone. It’s really nice here. I chose gray and light green, after all green is the color of geniuses and grey is awesome. Find you favorite color and choose a safe color like white, black, or gray. Your subconscious will thank me later for this.
  7. Spend your dough on experiences not things. This is the easiest one. Stop buying stuff for your car or house or backyard and use that money to take a trip or got to an event. On your last days you will not look back on that new pair of rims you just might look back on that trip to the Grand Canyon.
  8. Take pictures of your kids projects and get a photo album for them. That’s right no more fridge displayed school projects. Keep a couple so your kids can laugh at them later in life but take pictures of the rest and make an album. It’s much better! And yes they have full paper sized pages in some albums. (Amazon it)
  9. I don’t have a nine but eight is a weird number to make a list with. Anyways, thanks for reading!

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