Stop living in the past

There is the one thing that will cost you more wasted time and effort than anything else on this entire planet. I can say “you” because this effects everyone from the jungles of Peru to the deserts of China to the suburbs of Irvine. This is simply, living in the past. I realize it’s a vague relevant statement, but there are some concrete ways this is effecting you right now.

  1. You can’t compare this one moment with the decades in your past.
    The odds of this moment being your best is slim, but if you try to hang on to some glory year back in your past you are not going to be able to really enjoy where you are now. Let the past go. That time in your past has no relevance to now and should be kept as a nice memory that you might revisit sometime later on. You’ll have plenty of time to reminiscence some good times in your past when your body starts to fail later in life. For now, it’s time to get creative with your life.
  2. You made a mistakes.
    Hell, maybe you made hundreds of mistakes like me. That sucks, and it can haunt you, but the reality it’s gone now. If you keep thinking about it, you will manifest the same behavior. Trying not to drink? Don’t put up signs and reminders not to drink. Instead focus on being the type of person that doesn’t drink. That person goes to libraries, not bars. That person probably goes to church, not partying late at night.
  3. You lost someone.
    This is difficult, and  one of the most stressful things people endure. I can assure you though, any person that cares about you doesn’t want you to waste your life or time with sadness for them. They want you to move on and let it go peacefully.
  4. You’ve changed.
    Guess what, people change. Some drastically, some a little. Who you were, is not who you are now. Embrace change and stop worry about who you used to be.

Holding on to memories of a time when you might of been happier or more successful might seem nice. The reality is, good or bad, holding onto your past will always create suffering. Your past does not define you. It was there as a lesson or experience not a definition for who you are. Nostalgia and looking back is nice, but the second it starts to effect your life that makes it poison.

Keep in mind, if people are seeing you form your past than you need to be around more enlightened people. Good friends want you to grow and succeed. Unhealthy friends hold you to things in your past and bring you down.

Be strong, stay focused, live in the moment, plan for the future, and let the past go.

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