Wondering what foods are the most likely to have food poisoning?

Last week I was out with friends watching a movie in the park. After a group decision, we headed down to a dive bar to grab a beer and hang out for a bit after. At the movie in the park event we had three food trucks. One was Thai food and the other was sea food. I remember thinking these has to both be high risk food trucks. Never the less, my adventurous spirit seemed to push through any fears. I had Lobster tacos, Clam Chowder, and some Pho Thai noodles. It was all really good and I felt fine, my lucky day.

Shortly after arriving to the dive bar, I started feeling queasy and walked outside for some fresh air. Within minutes, my vision went blurry and and my balance was gone. Wobbling over to a place to sit down my wonderful date so kindly helped me get away from people and take a minute in the rest room. Luckily after about five minutes or so there I was feeling much better. I was sure one of those food trucks did me in and blamed them the whole way home in our ride share.

I found out later, I had a panic attack. Amazing to have a panic attack for the first time in your forties! I wonder what’s next to pop up that I have been so desperately missing in my youth. Before I was able to decode the panic attack I was home googling food poisoning for hours and just about anything related to it. I found out that it can have many effects but mainly it will cause.

Pain areas: in the abdomen or rectum
Whole body: chills, dehydration, dizziness, fatigue, fever, lightheadedness, loss of appetite, malaise, weakness, or sweating
Gastrointestinal: bloating, diarrhea, gagging, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, or stomach cramps
Also common: headache
None of these fit my new found health issue but I was already invested in this mission for food poisoning knowledge so I marched on. I found that swallowing charcoal pills will help a ton and drinking lots of water is crucial to recovering fast. The most fascinating information I found though was from a food-poisoning expert. He listed the top things that cause food poisoning and I was shocked. These are some of the the main things I order when out. According to his data I have been dodging bullets for a long time (Knock on wood).
1. Salads
That’s right the healthiest safest per calorie bet is actually the riskiest thing to eat at a restaurant.
2. Soft Server Ice Cream
These machines are really hard to clean and tend to be a haven for germs when not managed extremely well.
3. Rare Meat
This one might seem more obvious. I tend to base the cooking length on the quality of the restaurant. It’s a 4 star place I might try some rare steak if i’m feeling froggy. Most places I get medium to well done.
4. Buffets
I personally love buffets, but you have to admit, it’s not hard for a sneeze to end right on your poached eggs minutes before you arrive. Skip the buffet line next time and just grab something you know you’ll like. It might not be as fun as the selection of a buffet but spending the rest of your Vegas vacation in the john would not sit well either.
Surprisingly, foods like Sushi and fast food hardly ever have food poisoning. I’m NOT saying eat fast food, in fact don’t eat fast food. I’m just saying food poisoning pops up in the most unexpected places. So be careful and keep some charcoal pills around just in case!

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