Best things to come out of each decade since the 50’s

I’m sure Eskimos in Alaska and Tibetan mountain people will all feel different about this blog post. I’ll think I’ll just try to find a general consensus on what most people in the US might agree with. How can you really break down an entire decade to just one thing? I’m sure within a decade there is thousands of ground breaking movements responsible for shape shifting the future. And I’m sure there is more than one thing in each decade that is so ground breaking the world will drastically be changed from it. Regardless, this can be taken with a grain of salt and if nothing else it’s a place to find some topics worth looking into. So I’ll get started by working our way back from the 50’s


Style and manners

The 50’s was a ground breaking year with Elvis Presley, Micky Mouse, and American bandstand coming to life. With all the great events and major changes I had to go with Style and Manners. The 40’s were a cold time with would war 2 looming and the great depression ending in 1939. It was a time when dark clothes and sad vibes rules the world. Women still couldn’t say much, racism was lurking, and money was tight. It was the 1950’s the country started to come into light. Styles brightened up, jobs starting forming, and manners for the new world were formed. Respect each other, don’t look down and less fortunate, and let people be unique.


Freedom and rights

The 60’s set their tone for the next 60 years fighting for equal rights for all people. It was also a time when people could stand against war something people were way to afraid of before. With war still breaking out in Vietnam and the Cuban Missile Crisis it was a great time to stand up for peace. Great things happens from the new freedoms America achieved from the people fighting for them. Televised presidential elections, one of the last honest presidents John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King became a house hold name, and drugs became a social tool to expand thoughts and forgot about life.



This is a tough one, so many great things came to light in the 70’s. As a country we started to find our groove with all types of people starting to find a common ground and working together. But nothing became more substantial in time than the music. Coming off the start of so many new types of music from 60’s, this decade used that to form hundreds of mega bands like Led Zeppelin, Rush, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, The Eagles and countless others shaping how the youth would see life and use their own creativeness to keep music expanding for the next 30 years.


Business and Style

The 80’s really shook up our country, you could say it took our evolution and put it into a sling shot. Styles advanced, music advanced, business became something anyone can do and usually everyone did on some level. Even hair cuts got more professional. This decade set in stone that the US is about business and we don’t mess around when it comes to taking care of it. Not just business but Germany finally joined the world by taking the Berlin wall down which was used to segregate poor people. Productivity will also never be the same after these things become popular in the 80’s:

  • Computers
  • Cartoons with matching toys
  • Walkman
  • Lunchables
  • Cool Ranch Doritos
  • Trapper Keeper
  • Mixed tapes
  • Microwaves


Diversity and TV shows

The 90’s was the first decade all the things those civil rights people fought for actually started to sink in. It was time when TV started showing people going to the bathroom, music got more poetic and deep, big hair phased out and flannel took over. The 80’s made some great shows like A Team, Threes company, Family Ties, and Facts of life but it wasn’t until the 90’s shows really got great with shows like Friends, Seinfeld, Law and Order, CSI, NCIS, Family guy, ER, and Simpsons lasting a hundreds years.



I’m sure a lot people will disagree the Internet is the greatest thing from the 2000’s to 2010 but a lot of the benefits from the Internet we don’t really see on the front end. For example I’m not taking about chatroulette, Instagram, Facebook, or Reddit. I mean how the Internet made business truly global, how the Internet allowed normal people willing to work hard to make a living from home. The Internet allows for free International phone calls which people forget was a monopoly from AT&T for decades, and medically people are getting better help and better resources on the fly. Cell Phones would not be nearly as cool without the Internet, and music simply dumbed down to pop gum flavored jams. Style pretty much reverted back to the 80’s college kid, and full body Tattoos started phasing in. But thank god music turned into digital files, no more disks to keep track of.



Much like music from the 60’s made the 70’s super groups, and the 60’s civil rights took 20 years to resonate, the 2010’s was when the Internet turned to tech. When poorly made websites phased out like MySpace and websites that worked as they should took over. Electric cars became feasible again, Apps became just as popular as websites, and streaming entertainment allows us not to have to watch a ton of horrible commercials over and over. The 2010’s are a great time when the US learned from the crazy 2000’s and made a refined country that leads the world into future.




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