1 way to do anything is phasing out

Is there really one way to have a relationship or one way to educate or even is there really one way for everyone to do just about anything? Jump back circa 1950 when life was simpler, the norm was go to school and if you had money go to college and if not get a job. In the process get married and start a family. School taught the same things to each person with some expectations in college. Relationships were based on the lowest denominator because well the clock was clicking. Over time, we have learned drastic things that have improved our lives, like what is healthy, how to handle stress, and to be more careful when choosing someone to share your life with.

In the heart of all the these improvements made to common sense, one thing seems to ring through. Almost nothing works with everyone.

Learning the exact same things in school, following a timed event schedule in life, and working for someone telling you how to work. I think it’s actually easier to find the few things that everyone can do one way. Cross a street? The only question I have is when will this evolve. I think once it’s excepted as fact, we can start to reconstruct how kids grow up in society ultimately making waves for a new total society structure. We need to be more understanding of unique thinkers and maybe most important, we can design work around people instead of people around work.

One of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite geniuses is.

Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid. -Albert Einstein

So we know people realized how important individual learning was even back in the 50’s. I would imagine it just seemed too difficult to implement. I actually would have to agree with how schools were back in the 50’s-80’s that it couldn’t of been done. I mean schools were limited to the amount of teachers and classes. Clearly not enough to have custom structures for each student.

What concerns me now is it’s 2018 and we still are doing the same system. I realize it will take some work and training and many mistakes to create a custom plan for each student, but with computers in the classroom it’s very possible. We just need to start now so in time it will be done right.

I foresee this as each class having teachers that handles groups of tasks. Rather than a history class or English class. Teachers would handle categories like language would be one, in which case each student can follow their own curriculum through their computers. This would also leave plenty of live interactions for things in common between the language group. Grammar, communication, spelling, ect…

I also am surprised how society seems to still have some stigma about not being married and having children. With the divorce rate climbing and more kids being raised in difficult situations when will we embrace people that decide to go through life alone. Is a person’s life really more valuable because they have a family. I don’t think so. I think it’s great both ways and should be acknowledged both ways the same. If anything, single people have more time to travel and create which is better for our culture.

And finally work. How can we have businesses and corporations restructure around the employee rather than making people fit their mold? This would be the most difficult of the three major changes to making unique life paths more acceptable. I mean if business is making money, they rarely want to rock the boat. It’s going to have to be new companies like Amazon, Google, and tech that would set the path for a new employee structure. Rather than making jobs with specific qualifications and tasks they would need to choose broad areas and hire people that can handle that area.

This whole concept reminds of the movie Divergent. They actually tap into what I’m thinking here. Separating students into what they born best at doing. In real life can people change? Sure. Are they going to die if they try to switch paths, no. But that would make for a boring movie.

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