Trigger your wants

I believe strongly in associations. Things from our past giving us a chemical reaction to new things that remind of it. This can happen on small and big levels. For example, they say we are not born disliking any food. That means steaks vs broccoli all have the same fighting chance to be our favorite from birth. Obviously marketing has a lot of influence (less and less actually with TV commercials phasing out.) But more than marketing is emotional experience. Being forced to eat something never makes you like it more, and being rewarded something never makes you think it’s bad. These type of associations and experiences have molded what foods we tend like best and worse as adults. If you had food poisoning with salmon it’s likely you won’t like salmon again or fish all together. This is because when you think of salmon, you think and feel how you felt when you got sick. Luckily strong minds and strong will can overwrite these programs and have us enjoy stuff we thought as a child or teenager was gross even if we had a bad experience with it.

This is very important to understand because on the bigger level you have trust and love and FEAR. Have you ever heard of a couple that met in high school and somehow stayed loyal and happy for life? Most people might think this is shocking, but the reality is that people with multiple bad relationships are the one’s really being shocking to find true love and trust. Every bad love or broken trust is being stored in your mind to protect you from it happening again.

I’m not talking about consequence thoughts, I mean in your sub-consequence where stuff was being formulated since you were a kid. Where every bad thing that happened to you is filed away and stored for when you trigger it. All so you do not repeat the same hurt that you had before. It’s a survival instinct.

This is the core of association. Your mind storing things we can’t even see within us so we don’t get hurt again.

The question is, how do we reprogram our minds to not trigger these protective measures so we can trust, love, take chances, take risks, and do things that we really like but just had a bad experience with. Like snow boarding or diving. Most people try it once and never again, but the reality is takes a couple tried before you can really enjoy it.

How to reprogram negative associations

First it needs to be visual. Just saying or thinking things will not work. You need to take the want, and need to change, and put it into the universe. Vision boards might seem like some new age spiritual fluff, but it works. Or just do one or two things and put it on the wall where you will see it everyday. This is the most common way to reprogram and trigger your wants.

Another trick is to have those wall art pictures (I feel like people are getting at Target maybe?) that has words of affirmation about life.

  • Today is going to be a great day
  • Today I will succeed
  • This is a loving home
  • Health is with me
  • Happiness is within
  • Create your own path
  • Don’t let your past define your future

As you can see the list goes on and for you I’m sure there is important things you might care about that you would like to change or be better at. Finding your particular needs and wants is key. Sometimes it’s as simple as just being more positive 😉

You can also take this a little further and do some of these little tricks to trigger your wants.

  • Make your computer password things positive like: healthy24ishappy48 (don’t use this one).
  • Add a background to your phone, computer, or tablet with something that want in life.
  • Name your pet something you admire or like, for example;The name of a loved one you lost.
  • Get a tattoo, just make sure it’s something you will always like. People change all the time.
  • Change or add a middle name to something you want to do more like; chance or risk.
  • Have a good morning list your read or mediation mantra with things you want more in your life.
  • Refrigerator magnets.
  • Stickers on your tablets, laptops, or cases.

The idea, is to simply have things all around you that trigger what you want in life to your sub consequence. The more you have around you the more likely you will be able to reprogram your sub consequence to feel safe going after these things despite prior experiences that might be sabotaging you without you even knowing it.

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