Social Health

New studies have shown that socializing has major health benefits. Imagine some day getting a doctors note to spend more time with friends and family. There is now real links between socializing and how it  detours dementia and depression. That beer at happy hour might just be paying off after all.

Also physical activity is proven to help with depression as well. So, does this mean a walk to the pub for happy hour? It could, and it might just help you feel better, IF you are willing to socialize. Just sitting alone watching whatever is on the TV will not count 🙁 Ideally you would invite some friends and have some fun.

With over 7% of all Americans getting some form of dementia after 65, it’s a real threat. Starting now to help fight it off will have the best effects long term. The best way to help prevent this is to exercise and believe or not, be social.

Just spending one day with grand kids can help prevent dementia. A test with 186 Australian grandmas all saw better results when they were more social.

Here is some other ideas to get more social:

  1. Plan a play date, lunch date, pick what you like.
  2. Volunteer.
  3. Find a way to get 150 minutes of exercise a week like hiking or bike riding.
  4. Treat depression. Being depressed increases your chance of getting dementia.
  5. Cook healthy fresh meals
  6. Take vitamin, at the least take a good multivitamin.
  7. Take a class! Local city colleges can have hundreds of courses available.
  8. Go out and party.

Stress can actually help. Challenging your brain is vital to brain health. Challenge yourself as often as your can accept stress as part of your life. Reading books and writing are a pretty good way to get out of your box. Think of your brain like a muscle. The more you work it out, the stronger it will be.

All social interactions help so little things like saying hi in the hallway, or sparking up a conversation in the elevator will benefit you and probably create some good vibes as well. There is a direct link to lonely people getting dementia faster.

Text more. Believe it or not, texting can help detour dementia and depression. Getting a text from a friend or loved one releases oxytocin which makes you feel happy and more motivated. So no more feeling bad about texting when people prefer to call 😉

In people over 45, having a bad heart or clogged arteries can lead to heart disease and dementia. This simply means you really need to take care of that heart and keep those arteries flowing! Daily green veggies will help the most! But these are also very important:

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Being more active
  3. Keeping a good weight
  4. Keeping a positive outlook on life

Anything to help your heart will have huge benefits with your health and help prevent dementia.

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