Sink or swim

On a fishing trip once, we all agreed to bring a minimal amount of stuff and NO FOOD. This was to try some more real life applicable fishing tools and methods, like they did in the cave man or Indian days. Chisel some wood spears, find natural bait, ect.. We did bring poles and hooks, but in the end did not use them. We were very lucky to have one of us do this before, and was able to guide us into catching some good sized fish for a good dinner. As we got hungrier and realized we might not have food, we got a lot more creative. I felt the hunter instincts kicking in.

This experience reminded me of how I leaned to swim. I was young, maybe 8, and my mom and grandpa took me to the Napa Valley College pool. This pool was huge, it had three high level massive diving boards. This pool was the real deal and scary for a little kid that couldn’t swim. After holding on to the edge for most of the first hour, my seemingly honest grandpa said to jump on his back. It would be safe, don’t worry he said. Being hesitant and afraid, I still trusted him just enough to be led into the middle of the pool and abandoned. I had two options; swim back, or possibly drown with a last minute life saving attempt led by shame. I did swim that day, and I held a grudge for a couple weeks after.

Like most things in life, if you are not committed to the extent that it has to happen, you will not reach your full potential. If we didn’t have to catch that fish to eat, and if I didn’t have to swim to survive, both most likely would of never been done those days.

  1. The power of determination has the ability to lift us up to new talents and strength.
  2. When you realize you are part of a team or have to rely on others you find a way to step it up.

If I tried to swim on my own or tried to catch a fish on my own with earth bound tools, I have my doubts of the outcome at that time. But with people pushing and relaying on me, I was able make it happen. Having people that care and push you to do more, will make you try harder.

When you have productive people pushing you to be better, the personal ability to keep pushing yourself and growing with perseverance (showing up everyday), you will have a formula to make your success a reality. In business, these tools are essential. You need to be sure you can do it, be able to be pushed, use the energy of others to push yourself, And most important, you need to apply this everyday.

With this skill set and a true obtainable goal. Nothing can stop you other then what can’t be done. Unleash your inner warrior, it’s time to wake up.

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