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Did you know how you communicate can effect how you reach goals? Sure you did! And you probably feel like your word-smith skills are pretty solid. I’m sure they are too, but you probably didn’t know there is a psychological methodology that takes talking to a super deep level, helping all aspects of the environment you are in and all communication. Want more respect when you first meeting people? How about making your environment more positive?

Who couldn’t use some more respect and positive vibes in their life right?!

In business we mostly have four talking styles. You can apply this to everyday life as well. And they change depending on what you are wanting to accomplish and the position you need to portray.

  1. Authority,
  2. Conciliatory,
  3. Facilitator,
  4. Promotional,

There is no right or wrong here, the trick is to know which one to use for what goal you want to accomplish. If you master all of these correctly, you can consciously switch between them instantly knowing which will do the best for your situation. Here is a look at a situation best for each one and some details about them.


This is the easiest to understand, as you are simply trying to command someone to do something. This is commonly used by managers, teachers, and parents, to quickly make someone do what they want. This tends to carry a negative vibe, but is very useful in certain situations. Use the Authority talking method when you have a specific task to complete within a limited time frame, or you have a disruptive person or people you must force.


This is a last resort maneuver to get what you want done but cannot have it done through just communication. You’ll normally need to offer something in exchange for what you want at this point. For example, I’ll do the dishes if you mop the floor. Or I’ll take your shift, if you do my closing duties. Normally this means you have conceded and are desperate for what you want.


This is a great way to focus your communication. It enables the listener to react and give input, but still control the conversation. This normally is the best way for teachers and managers to get a positive response from who they are talking to. This normally requires a disciplined environment and people that want to learn and hear what you are saying.


This is a quick and effective way to talk. You would say things like Do Better, or Less is more. Saying a positive mantra like this over and over will help you and the people you are talking to absorb the message. Promotional talking means to stay positive and short. Never use this type when dealing with confrontation or complaints. Do use this to bring up the moral code and create a more positive energy around you.

Don’t forget to get feedback and practice each one. In the end, when you can switch between them as needed, you will get things done faster, and with better results.

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