Decoding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Coronavirus may be one of the biggest events inside our country since it was founded in 1776. We have been through world wars, multiple massive global virus attacks, and epidemics far worse. But nothing has shut down our country as much as the Coronavirus. Nothing has caused hoarding and damage to our economy more than the Coronavirus. How could something that has effected our country less in it’s entirety, than the common Flu has this year alone, have such a massive effect? And why is everyone trusting the government and media so much, despite what they see with their own eyes? I’m not saying you shouldn’t, I’m just going to try and explore the conspiracies and current information to sift though what’s real, practical, and what might actually help.

First, let’s try to find out where this came from.

So far the closest all public scientists all over the world have come to saying about it’s origination, is it probably came from bats or maybe pigs. The CDC clearly says it does not know the origin and according to our president all we know is it started in China. According to, (a leading global medical company and research firm) the Coronavirus started from Bats living in their natural habitat. Here is their exact words:

This evidence for natural evolution was supported by data on SARS-CoV-2’s backbone — its overall molecular structure. If someone were seeking to engineer a new coronavirus as a pathogen, they would have constructed it from the backbone of a virus known to cause illness. But the scientists found that the SARS-CoV-2 backbone differed substantially from those of already known coronaviruses and mostly resembled related viruses found in bats and pangolins.

These two features of the virus, the mutations in the RBD portion of the spike protein and its distinct backbone, rules out laboratory manipulation as a potential origin for SARS-CoV-2″ said Andersen.

The issue with this is if was made in a lab, it would of probably been attempted to be kept secret. In which case, they simply would of covered their tracks by using the originating compound. It would be very easy for advanced Scientist to simply start from the root virus and expand it in a new way that is harder to trace. They do not mention that, and just say because it’s not based off the new version of Sars, it has to be natural. I think this means it’s all probably BS. For them to say they do not know where it’s from is more likely to be a cover up to buy time for better story. This way no-one can disprove it. Motive and practicality says it’s made in a lab. And the government does not want the country to know this because it would cause mass panic. Look how much we are already panicking.

Conspiracy theories

There is a couple concepts about what else might cause the Coronavirus..

  1. There is a viral video about 5G that explains how new electricity technology has been closely related to the release of all major viruses in the US. Starting from radio waves, sonar, and satellite technology. I think this was easily debunked because there has been viruses for thousands of years before electricity. There is no scientific data to connect the electricity and viruses directly. Just the theory that the electric waves use metal in our system and cause cell excretion of viruses. It has not been 100% disproved, but it’s seems really far fetched to me.
  2. Some believe the USA made it to disrupt China. There is no proof and I believe the government wants China to make money because that is more tariffs we’ll collect from imports. But maybe militarily? It’s a stretch, but the motive is there as China was very upset about the US raising tariffs, and China was making allies with known US enemy countries. And they have the fastest growing military in the history of the world. I still don’t think this is possible. At least I don’t think the Trump administration knows about it. Simply because Trump’s ego would not allow him to fail. One of the main reasons people voted him him is because he has enough money to not have to do shady back alley deals to get money like most presidents before. I don’t see a motive or cause from Trump.
  3. Some think the whole thing is fake. A manifested fear to control people and money. This would require the other conspiracy theory that their is a huge secret organization with massive incomes and influence over society at large. This is tough because you need a motive for most crimes. They could be financially gaining from this, or testing this out to see what other options they will have in the future. Trillions will be made from this virus. There is a lot of really smart, powerful, insanely rich, and very evil people out there. There is just no way to know if this has any validity and seems too unrealistic to be able to cover it all up.
  4. Some think China made it to lower stocks around the world so they could buy out Major US and Europe companies. A form of financial war as retaliation for forcing them to pay more tariffs in early January. The Virus started weeks after the agreement with Trump was made, which is coincidental. It still seems not possible because China is hemorrhaging their countries wealth from this, and why would they want to buy companies that are not going to make money. They also have been buying US and European stock for decades now and lost billions in the stock dive from Corona.

Summary of where Coronavirus came from.

Most likely the Coronavirus was made in a lab by a private group or a large private organization, then released to cause massive harm to the world and/or massive personal financial gain.

How to prevent Coronavirus

The government will tell you that masks and gloves will not help to stop the spread of the virus. This is obviously not true, and frankly with such blatant lies, you have to start questioning other things they are saying. Of course masks are good, the virus infects you from your mouth and nose. It can also be airborne for a couple hours and it can sit on certain surfaces for weeks. This also means gloves are good. Not only would a mask and gloves remind you to not touch your face, they can easily be throw away after interacting in questionable situations. I can assure you, that no doctor working with Coronavirus patients are not using both. My guess is they want people to stop buying them so the government and hospitals can get more quickly.

Heat kills the virus. It has been proven that heat will kill the virus. Unfortunately it’s a lot of heat. You would need a hair dryer or a really hot sauna to stop it, they say around 125-140 degrees is needed. High heats over 100 can slow it down so your body will fight it better though. Dry hot places are safer than clod wet places.

Here is a video on this, make sure and use your judgement. These are just ideas based on research and not fact!

Are animals effected?

Yes, animals can get it in rare cases. There is no proof animals can transmit it yet. The CDC says it’s possible but extremely rare. This obviously conflicts with the only originating theory of it starting from a bat, transferring to an animal, and then infecting a human. I think animals can get it, but are not effected very much by it, other than being able to transfer it. Similar to humans 9 and under. I feel humans 9 and under and animals have an extremely low possibility of transferring the virus if they get it.

Can children get it?

The CDC says children 9 and under seem to not transmit or be effected by the virus. They get it and it seems to be eliminated or cycle through within days. They don’t know why.

Is soap and water better than hand sanitizer?

CDC says yes, soap and water spreads easier and has enough to kill the virus. But they also say when cleaning your house you should use 70% alcohol based cleaner or bleach. This contradicts that soap is enough. I assume soap helps a lot, but hand sanitizer is better.

Is Advil and Ibuprofen a risk while in the pandemic?

There are a lot of rumors that Advil and Ibuprofen feeds the virus to make it stronger. There is no scientific proof of this but the French Minister made this statement.

On March 14, the French minister of health, Olivier Véran, issued a statement recommending that people infected with the novel coronavirus, which causes a potentially deadly upper respiratory disease called COVID-19, not use ibuprofen or aspirin to treat symptoms of the disease. Instead, he urged followers to take acetaminophen, noting that use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen could actually worsen the illness caused by the new coronavirus.

More Evidence Needed

The need for more evidence with regard to using ibuprofen in conjunction with coronavirus infection is a common refrain among experts. Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, professor of medicine and public health at the University of California Los Angeles Fielding School of Public Health, says that currently, “we know very little” about how using ibuprofen may impact a patient’s experience with COVID-19.

What is the risk of spreading?

The virus seems to hurt older people with health issues most. Italy has one of the oldest populations, they tend to smoke and drink more as well, and they touch and kiss more than most other countries. China has very low sanitary standards, and a massive poverty level. This was key in their global spread of the virus.

The US with the current actions being continued will have a very low impact for a disease as deadly as this. We have better healthcare and have taken actions faster than other countries from the beginning of the virus’s effect on each country. If we follow the CDC guidelines or even go further individually to prevent this. It should be under control between 2-6 weeks, which is May 2020.

My guess is the Governments care more about people panicking than the actual safety, so they down play everything. I suggest using hand sanitizer if you can on your hands, and bleach or Lysol when cleaning your house. If you don’t have these, soap will still help a lot more than nothing.

The risk of massive spreading of the Coronavirus in the US is low but you should still do these for now.

  1. Stay away from people
  2. Wash your hands often (soap is good, sanitizer with 70% alcohol is better)
  3. Use medical gloves
  4. Wear a mask
  5. Stay as healthy as possible to keep your immune system high. Zinc, Vitamin C, and sun are essential.
  6. Clean your house with a bleach based cleaner or 70% alcohol based cleaner.

Is there a clinical cure?

There is possible cures. They claim it will take 6 months to a year and a half before it will be released. They need to do long term testing with actual people before releasing it to everyone. Of course this is insane. Letting people die instead of letting them take a risky cure doesn’t make any sense other than trying to cover potential law suits. I mean if you are about to die anyways, why not try it!

Here is the current list of possible cures at this time:

Chloroquine to be tested for coronavirus treatment in the US
The President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced on 19 March that chloroquine (hydroxychloroquine/Plaquenil), a drug used to treat malaria and arthritis, was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be tested as a treatment for COVID-19. Chloroquine is being tested in various clinical trials conducted by government agencies and academic institutions.

Other antivirals drugs are also planned to be fast-tracked for testing for coronavirus.

Favilavir, the first approved coronavirus drug in China
The National Medical Products Administration of China has approved the use of Favilavir, an anti-viral drug, as a treatment for coronavirus. The drug has reportedly shown efficacy in treating the disease with minimal side effects in a clinical trial involving 70 patients. The clinical trial is being conducted in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

There is massive work being done for vaccines, but none are approved for use yet.

Will the financial sector recover?

This is 100% speculation but I think things have changed a lot from this, and I don’t see things being the same. People will be more cautious with stocks and their retirement. Trillions were lost in less than a month from this. I do think stocks will go back up around July, but not as high as they where. Airlines, and safe American staples like Chevy and Coca Cola should be safe bets for a big growth around that time. I pulled my stocks out just in time to avoid the crash, and will buy back in around July depending on if the virus is under control by then.

Will any good come from this disaster?

A positive note in all the bad is that this has caused nature is revive and flourish better than ever. Water and the sky is cleaner than it’s ever been since mass pollution started. Maybe someday we will have a stay at home month just for the sake of a healthier world. 


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Good luck and stay safe!

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