Charles Yarbrough was born in Port Townsend Washington. After only four years of age due to a Divorce he was moved to Napa, California where he was raised mostly by his mother while his father was a great role model and was always around for parental support. From a young age Charles had a natural curiosity for how things work, one of his most entertained hobbies was taking a part electrical devices like radios and TV’s. He was also very into sports playing Tball, soccer for 4 years once being player of the year, then switching to Little League Baseball. From Age 8 Charles was more into Music then Sports but still maintained them both. Starting his first band at age 11 with Kendall, a Drummer, and Kody on bass. Charles learned music from Childhood Piano Lessons and still plays piano well to date. While in High School his band changed to Frank, Gil, and Mike Faver where they played about 50 shows including being the house band for the Rocky Horror Picture Show briefly and where fortunate to personally meet Other music professionals like Steve Miller, Santana, Primus, Metallica, among others.. After High School Charles studied deeply into Philosophy and Ethnic Culture while Playing Basketball at Napa Valley College and still playing in his band then called Mellow Fellow (A play off on lounge music and nomads). After reading most of the books written by Freud he studied history and the events that predominantly shaped modern society.

For work purposes Charles changed his major to Wine Making and after receiving his Wine Making certificate from NVC he transferred to the UC Davis world renown viticulture division to pursue his Bachelors in Wine Making.

After a year of studying wine, working at a winery, and personally making wine, Charles decided to once again change his major to business. This was due to realizing that making wine would rarely if ever lead him to working out of Napa and owning his own business was a childhood dream.

After leaving the wine program he shortly studied at Sonoma State’s business program where he got an offer from a friend to stay in Ilsa Vista by UCSB.

After leaving Sonoma with a business degree he moved to SB to be with a good friend and explore a new community.

After a year of living in SB he rented a room in the Mesa by downtown Santa Barbara. Then about 6 months later for personal reasons got a house in Goleta and rented the rooms out.

This extra income allowed Charles to Travel more, a passion he has been waiting to pursue. Starting his travels from the back of the location list up the first trip was to Mexico City, then to Jamaica, then in his biggest adventure he moved to Tibet to live with monks in a monastery. This three month journey ended a little early as he came back due to work and a feeling that he got what he wanted from the trip.

After 4 total years in SB Charles then moved to Huntington Beach. The move was a decision to start over in a new place that was known for great surf and a closer location to DWHS Inc. which is located in Downtown LA.

At this point Charles perused a stronger position with the DWHS family. After 4 years with DWHS he was offered a chance to invest and become a partner in the corporation. After excepting the position as a partner, DWHS has seen it’s biggest years exponentially from that point.

Charles after 3 years moved to Hollywood to experience what he has always heard of being a very liberal open minded place to have fun and socialize.

After one year of enjoying Hollywood, circumstances led Charles back to Orange County where he resided for about another year. Charles was never very happy with the area and lifestyle in Orange County, (Huntington Beach particularly) so he sold his house and moved to the West side of LA where he lived in a Apartment with Bernard (his dog).

After 1 year in Marina Del Rey Charles got the travel bug again and it so happened DWHS was looking to expand out of the country. After discussing with the partners at DWHS they decided to look into Costa Rica. The expansion for DWHS was finished after three month but Charles already was in love with the small country. After 1 year in Costa Rica and traveling to almost every country in Central and South America Charles moved back to Napa to spend time with family. After one year Charles moved back down to Los Angeles where he lives today.

The heraldic description is as follows:

  • Name: Yarb(o)rough (It’s funny but the (o) was added later as a separation of religious beliefs within the forefathers family’s.
  • Wilmsby, Lincolnshire., England.
  • Arms: Per pale argent and azure, a chevron between three chaplets all counterchanged.
  • Crest: A falcon close or, belled gold, preying on a cock pheasant (or duck) proper.
  • Motto: Non est sine pulvere palma. (”The prize is not won without dust.”)
  • Alternate Motto: Nocte Volamus. (”Who dares wins.”)

Spelling variations of this family name include: Yarburgh, Yarborough, Yearbugh, Yerburgh, Yearby and others.
First found in Lincolnshire where they held a family seat from very ancient times, before and after the Norman Conquest in 1066.

There is many history variations, my gather on it is that we where Vikings a the earliest stage and lost a war possibly to greece then flad to Germany and Europe.

I did meet a Indian once who looked up Yarbrough in some old book and it said I was a Rabbit hunter from the strawberry patch. Doesn’t sound as tough as I was hoping for.

Here is something I got off the internet that sounds official:
This ancient English surname of YARBROUGH was a locational name meaning ‘one who came from YARBOROUGH CAMP’ in Lincolnshire. The name was originally rendered in the Old English form EORPBURG, and the earliest of the name on record appears to be GEREBERG (without surname) who was listed as a tenant in the Domesday Book of 1086. JERDBERG (without surname) was documented in Lincolnshire in 1115. The name is also spelt YARBROUGH, YERBURGH and YARBORO. Surnames can be divided into four categories; place names, occupation names, nicknames and patronymics. PLACE NAMES are the largest group and covers all those names first applied to people who lived in or nearby to a particular place. For example, Grove, Wood, Field, Meadow, and Street are obvious. Occasionally names were taken from obscure villages or hamlets which no longer exist and this can make research confusing. OCCUPATION NAMES cover nearly all trades which existed in the Middle Ages. These are numerous. It does not necessarily follow that such names as King, Duke, Earl and so on mean your ancestors were of noble blood. It is much more likely that such named people worked for the person referred to. NICKNAMES. This is a smaller group but in many ways more interesting. They usually originated as a by-name for someone by describing their appearance, personal disposition or character but which became handed down through the ages and did not apply to their descendants. For instance the name Black would denote a dark man, Little, someone small (or even somewhat ambiguously) someone tall. PATRONYMICS. This group covers all names which derive immediately from the owner’s father. Many christian names which are also surnames have, over the years, lost the possessive form but the origin is still the same. Examples of this could be names such as Peter,Thomas, Henry – all names which became both christian and surnames over the years. Later instances of the name include Richard YERBERGH and Frances Proctor, who were married in London in the year 1635, and William Gilbert and Katherine YARBOROUGH were wed at Canterbury, Kent in 1660.