1. Go inside a Great Pyramid
  2. Look over Prekestolen
  3. Overlook all of Brazil
  4. Ride a bike on the great wall of China
  5. Get drunk at a bar in Ireland
  6. Eat a fancy dinner in France
  7. Sail between two countries*
  8. Buy a place to live out of the country*
  9. Write a book*
  10. Make a movie*
  11. Make a full length movie*
  12. Make a commercial*
  13. Make a short video*
  14. Get down to 10% body fat the healthy way*
  15. Play music for a large sold out crowd *
  16. Invent something
  17. Make a bottle of wine *
  18. Do a marathon*
  19. Go in a submarine
  20. Climb a major mountain
  21. Go to a Tibetan Temple *
  22. Go on a safari in Africa
  23. Smoke a cigar in Cuba
  24. See a real igloo and ice fish
  25. See northern lights
  26. Eat pasta on the Mediterranean Sea
  27. Jet Ski in Cabo *
  28. Snorkel over the great coral reef
  29. Snowboard or sled in the Alps
  30. Shoot an Uzi in the Czech Republic
  31. Get a $5 massage in Bangkok
  32. Drink all week at Oktoberfest in Germany*
  33. Kite surf*
  34. Buy a full bar a round*
  35. Catch a flight to the nearest active Volcano*
  36. Fly first class to Tahiti, Bora Bora, or Bali
  37. Get 1000 $1 bills and drop off the top of a building
  38. Get my picture taken with someone over a 100
  39. Get my pilot’s license or fly a glider
  40. Take a bus cross country*
  41. Take a 24 hour train ride
  42. Go to a race track and drive your regular car at high speed*
  43. Go to the airport and take the first plane to anywhere*
  44. Go to the most expensive restaurant in a major city*
  45. Hire a pilot and airplane to take you somewhere exclusive
  46. Invite all your friends and family to Hawaii
  47. Play horse polo
  48. Visit the Tokyo central fish market and eat Sushi of course
  49. Bike ride down the steepest hill you can find*
  50. Go Body surfing*
  51. Build a raft like Tom Sawyer and float down the river*
  52. Canoe at dawn*
  53. Go white water rafting*
  54. Complete a fire walk
  55. Dune buggy riding*
  56. Zip line*
  57. Do Fencing (the sport, not the act of building one)
  58. Fly a kite attached to your bike or on the beach*
  59. Get a tattoo*
  60. Go bushwhacking through a forest*
  61. Go four-wheel driving*
  62. Go to a nude beach*
  63. Go to a spiritual retreat for a weekend*
  64. Try scuba diving*
  65. Hot-air balloon ride
  66. Ice Climbing
  67. Land luge*
  68. Do a Soap Box Race*
  69. Learn how to use a compass and get lost*
  70. Make a boat and see if it floats with you in it*
  71. Mountain biking*
  72. Paintball*
  73. Quit your job because it sucks*
  74. Ride a horse bareback*
  75. Ride a horse on the beach*
  76. Ride a tandem bike
  77. Rock climbing for crystals*
  78. Sand boarding (snowboarding on sand) *
  79. Sea kayaking
  80. Paddle boarding
  81. Snowboard and Surf in one day*
  82. Skydive
  83. Buy a Porsche 911 Carrera like the poster I had as a kid*
  84. Buy a Harley*
  85. Swim under a waterfall in Hawaii *
  86. Surf in Maui *
  87. Visit Trolltunga
  88. Learn to juggle*
  89. learn magic*
  90. Learn a new language*
  91. Party all night in Ibiza
  92. Eat something really spicy in Mexico followed by a shot of Tequila*
  93. Go to Mardi Gras*
  94. Go to Carnival in Brazil
  95. Record an album*
  96. Buy someone I don’t know an exorbitant gift
  97. Buy an ocean boat and sail the seas
  98. Catch a fish and cook it*
  99. Build a treefort and sleep in it*
  100. Live to 100

Comments (5)

  • Dan
    April 29, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    Glad to see such a long bucket list! Means your going to be around a long time! Good Luck!

  • Aryelle
    July 13, 2010 at 5:24 am

    Love your list, hope you can get this ALL doneee… actually you have come a long way on doing it all… Just dont hurry up so much… Cause you will need to make a new bucket list… Kissesss!!!

  • Jeffrey Friend
    October 26, 2010 at 7:30 am

    Does the “*” next to the item mean that you’ve accomplished it?

  • chazeAuthor
    November 13, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    @Jeffrey Friend – Yep it does. I know I have a long way to go. lol

  • Rik
    February 27, 2015 at 7:32 am

    You should narrow it to 10 and make it more realistic bro.


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