wrong way
  • Too many people think their way is right.

    Until people realize there is no right way, the country will always be separated and angry. Especially since the media and government benefits from society being separated. They are stirring the pot so they will always be needed, as the majority of people swim in the ignorance.
  • Rich people have it too easy.

    Great, you have won capitalism. Just your interest is a 1000 times more than most people’s income. Where does it end? Why not just take all the money. It’s easy make it once you’re super rich. The truth is most rich people are egocentric and can care less about other people or the country. They just want more money to feed their ego.
  • The government has too much control.

    When the US was founded and fought for, they made a constitution to keep the country on track from powerful people making how they wanted. The sad truth is this has already been done through the vary system made to prevent it. The federal government now has tens of thousands of laws allowing them to do almost anything they want.
  • People can’t appreciate difference.

    Until we as a people realize the differences in life are what makes it wonderful. We will always have social issues, stress, and anger. You need to embrace differences in style, music taste, and general demeanor.
  • Police are not held accountable.

    Police need to have a live cam at all times. It’s needs to be mandatory for all police on duty. This way if there is an issue or complaint it can be reviewed by a third party trusted source.
  • Jobs need to be better.

    The USA was founded on if you are willing to work hard and be a good a person, you can have a home and a safe place for your family. This is not the case now. The massive offset in incomes has made having a normal job full time, not enough to have a nice, comfortable home for you or your family.