It’s time for some new holidays


There is 10 US Federally recognized holidays and about 5 other Holidays we actually celebrate as a whole in the US. Like Easter, Halloween, Earth Day, St Patrick’s, and Valentine’s day.

Since 1870, more than 1,100 different proposals have been introduced in Congress to establish permanent federal holidays. Only 10, however, have been approved and are active.

Here is the 10 and the dates they started:

New Year’s Day – 1870
Independence Day – 1870
Thanksgiving Day – 1870
Christmas Day – 1870

These where called the first holidays and were made by a handful of business and bankers. Thanksgiving was never about Columbus or even the new world. It was about eating. Here the exact words used in the declaration:

Any day appointed or recommended by the President of the United States as a day of public fasting or thanksgiving [were] to be holidays within the District.” This legislation was drafted “to correspond with similar laws of States around the District,” and “in every State of the Union.” 

Blah blah blah, so it should be about food. Or I think it should be called: Family day. Think about it, who wouldn’t come home and visit family on family day?

Here is the rest:

Washington’s Birthday – 1879 (Interestingly enough this was just to give bankers a day off.)
Memorial Day – 1888
Labor Day – 1894
Veterans Day – 1938
Columbus Day – 1968
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – 1983

I understand most of them, but what’s strange is how none have changed or any new ones have been added other than one in the last 80 years.

You have 7 made in the last 30 years of the 1800’s and the three made in the 1900’s were spread out. It’s now 2015, we haven’t had a new holiday in 33 years.

In a time when war is has been going on for decades in a row, corporate, and political corruption is at an all time high. You would think we can at least get a decent fricken holiday we can really enjoy.

We all respect MLK Jr., but I’m not going to party on his birthday. That’s just weird.

Columbus day, cmon, this shouldn’t even be a holiday. Everyone by know has to know this guy was a rapist, psychopathic, murderer.

I always take a second to give respect to Veterans and the Labor force. But again not something I can relate too. I don’t really labor and I don’t believe in the wars we have been fighting. I do respect the Military and Veterans but can I relate, no. Please don’t mistake not agreeing with wars with not respecting the military. I do respect them 100%.

Christmas, nope. Not religious.

Thanksgiving, I just think of a bunch Indians minding their own business getting slaughtered. I blame Last of the Mohicans and Dances with wolves for this.

Washington’s Birthday, I mean he sounds great and I love the constitution. But again something I can relate too. No

Now let me say, New Years and 4th of July is great. I can relate to letting the old go and celebrating making it to another year on the 1st. The 4th is great, we fought our asses off to declare independence from Europe so we can have freedom. A little odd that Europe has more freedom then us now. Regardless, we still won the war! Sweet.

So that’s two holidays I can sink my teeth into, both made in 1870.

My (very very little) point is that for people like me and I know there is at least 7 out there need a new holiday we can really feel good about.

I have 4 rants here, I will label them in order.

1 – He is my New Holiday proposals.

  1. Meditation day – A day where everyone takes a second to think about how fudged up they are. I would really relate to this.
  2. Party day – Yeah a day to celebrate partying and life. Would be awesome.
  3. Peace day – Not sure if could really get down on Peace day but it would feel really good that our government that starts more battles than John Wayne nationally recognized peace, It will also be pretty awesome.
  4. Small Business Day – Take a day off to celebrate small business owners. I would dig it.

2- I would like to change some holidays.

Christmas should be: Presents day
Thanksgiving should be: Family day
Columbus day should be: Meditation day

3- Nationally recognize better holidays holidays.

Let’s get Valentines in there. Celebrating love is a little more important than Columbus. In fact you could say love is the most important thing in the world. If you need change it from some religious persons name then make it: Love Day

4 – All these Religious tags adding to old Pagen holidays and made national is ridiculous. These are not even christian holidays, they are Pagen. Changed out of ignorance from a couple business and banker men that have no idea what the difference is.

The Irony is celebrating Washington’s birthday who wrote the separation of church and state. Then adding a bunch of religious holidays to the government is a joke.

How is an intelligent person suppose to take our government seriously when obvious Hypocrisy and ignorance.

I’m not saying don’t celebrate your god with your holiday, I’m just saying don’t make it a national rule. That is not separating church in state.


Yes, I know.

I am sure this post will go straight to the white house and they will make the changes right away.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and try not get too sensitive over religion leaving the state, it does not lesson it anymore or make it less important to you. It’s just a way to keep things fair for the people that are not religious or worship one of the other 112 nationally recognized religions in the US.

Happy holidays!

What is human energy?


“Humans are the only object known on Earth that can change it’s electric polarity by will”

First let’s clarify the basics of what we know about Electricity and Energy.


Static electricity requires a separation of positive and negative charges. When two materials are in contact, electrons may move from one material to the other, which leaves an excess of positive charge on one material, and an equal negative charge on the other.

Basically for electricity you need a negative charge and positive charge. When combined they make a new positive and negative charge that can be moved.


Energy is a property of objects which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms, but cannot be created or destroyed.

Basically Energy is when something is transferred to another object and cannot be made or destroyed in the process.

So Electric Energy is when a negative and positive charge occurs that sends the charge to a new place.

O.K. now that we got that out of the way I want to get into things that send electricity. First almost anything can send electricity; shirts, metal, water, and in some cases air can send electricity. The trick to sending electricity is to have the negative and positive charge combined and well not have it die in the process. Lightning is electricity that you can see actually die out. It’s when it’s combined with energy that is becomes stable.

Interesting is that some things tend to be more positively charged and some more negative. For example metal tends to be more negative that is why we ground things to it. And Silk is more positively charged hence it’s crazy ability to have static electricity. In the world of science and quantum physics the common example is electrons have negative charge and protons have positive charge.

Some say these two subatomic particles battling is what creating existence and keeps are world together.

What I’m actually trying to stay focused on here is how people take on either a negative or positive charge. For example fire is an electrically neutral element, humans happen to be more positive. But the level of positive charge we produce varies drastically. Unlike fire that is always neutral.

In fact we have the ability to change our charge to a negative polarity. It’s pretty amazing that our mind can tell our body what kind of charge we will create. We are the only element or thing on the planet with this ability. Think of in the matrix when humans were used as batteries. If we just knew to think negative thoughts we could of stopped it all so easily. Actually we can’t become fully negative no matter how hard we try, just like we can’t become fully positive.

We we can and do often is remove our positive charge and become negative, just think about that. Simply from our will, we can change our position in the universal battle of what created life. On a philosophical level you can argue negative is not bad because without it nothing would exist. It takes both polarities to create electricity, hence we need both for all life. I get that.

Even if that was justifiable you could approach it from an unbiased perspective and simple choose your polarity. It’s seems crazy but as humans we have this ability. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was some sort of common public process 100 years from now.

Declaring your choice of electrical polarity is a big step in telling your mind what you want to be.

The scary part of not knowing this is that we are telling ourselves without even knowing it. When we create regret, anger, and even think about the things we do not like about others and life we are creating a negative signal in our mind that is being interpreted by our bodies. I can honestly say the happiest most positive people I have ever met was when I stayed in a Tibetan temple, it’s not because they believe god will save them. It’s because they think positive thoughts and simply ignore the bad. It’s really shocking how they can see a bright side to everything.

The good news is you don’t have to positive 100% all of the time, in fact if there is one thing I would hope this random spiel would do is make someone understand simply not to have too many negative thoughts. You don’t have a be a super charged battery, on the other hand you don’t want to be a heavy ground for the rest of the world to take from.

Electricity (positive) omits, ground (negative) absorbs.

Simple put, if you worry and focus on the things you do not like or bad things that happen you will shut down your positive electricity. I believe as we fall into a negative charge we start to absorb more negativity exponentially until you reach the lowest level and vise versa as you become a more positive charge you will absorb more positive things.

I like to stay someone in the middle upper, but I have a cynical look on things that I can’t shake. If I were you I would charge up a much positive juice as you can muster.

It’s your choice what charge you want to be, just be careful if you choose negative. Depression and regret seems to love lurking next to it. So does empathy for the less fortunate, something that  is not bad but can weigh heavily.

Top ten date movies guys and girls can enjoy.


It’s hard to really find movies that a guy’s guy and girly girl can really like at the same time. We all know most movie date nights are a sacrifice so the other person is happy. There’s nothing wrong with that. Part of a date is doing what the other person likes after all. If you do want to shoot for something you will both like and movies are on your agenda, here is the top ten movies almost every guy’s guy and girly girl will sincerely enjoy.

I listed them in order of awesomeness.

1 – Princess Bride


This is not only one of the funniest and most clever movies ever made, it’s got the romance, adventure, and solid cost to make it the best date movie ever made.

2 – Robin Hood Prince of Thieves


Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves is an epic adventure across continents that ends with a battle to protect the home that should be and the love that was never expected. The cast, acting, and cinematography is perfect. There is no doubt sappy people will like the love story and adventurists will be taken in by the journey.

3 – Crazy Stupid Love


If you are looking for something more modern and edgy. Throw in Ryan Gosling’s new homage to being a player in LA. This unsuspected love story will make the mood right and entertain all sexes guaranteed.

4 – The Ugly Truth


A story about the most committed to non commitment man’s man in the world meets his match. Every guy and guy can relate to the arguments and the results.

5 – How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days


This comedy stands up with it’s original lines and solid story. Couple that with great acting, the idea that if a guy likes you nothing can get in his way, and you have a for sure good movie date night.

6 – First Knight


This epically casted 90’s mid evil love story is uncompromising. These great actors and well written story will keep guys entertained all the way through despite it’s non subtle sappy love story and cheesy one lines. Can you beat the obstacle?

7 – Hitch


Good laughs and good actors make this a good time for anyone that wants a fun movie night and some lovey dovey stuff to keep the romance alive.

8 – 4o Year Old Virgin


Odds are you have already seen this but on the off chance you haven’t get ready for a super edgy and hilarious movie on dating, not dating, trying to date, and falling in love.

9 – Big Fish


This imaginative love story is more for the creative type of couple. If you like double meanings and hidden moral messages than you will enjoy Big Fish. Keep in mind it’s hard to follow, a little weird, and indubitably fantastic.

10 – Mr. & Mrs. Smith


If you are action loving sexy people admiring couple than throw in MR & MRS Smith. This sexy action love story will keep everyone happy and feeling the need for something adventurous after.

Here is some other more obvious date movies I left out because well… they are obvious. None the less most girls will like these if you can handle them.

  1. Jerry Maguire – The most famous date movie of all time. (I am in the one, just look threw the window when they get the contract at the beach house)
  2. Say Anything – A great 80’s super sappy love love story
  3. Wedding Singer – A cheesy good comedy fun love story
  4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – This should be in the top ten, a must see.
  5. Eyes Wide Shut – This is dark and twisted but sexy a hell.
  6. Ghost –  A timeless classic that will pull the heart strings no matter how tough you are.

Whatever movie you decide make sure and cook some food or appetizers, if you cook it well it will make any person you are inviting over like whatever you choose. Don’t forget something that smells good like candles, to brush your teeth, and plenty of deodorant.

Good luck!