Join me in an obscure non-academic pursuit for inner strength, health, and happiness. Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to help people and animals. As much as I would like to provide something more tangible. For now, I’ll try to help by learning anything and everything about happiness and health. Analyzing it here to try and find what really works. All for the off chance it might help someone have a better life. Even a little bit better is a great thing.

If you’re as curious as I am about happiness and holistic health, then use the comments to help us figure out what might really work.

  • Does money really make people happy?

  • Are religious people happier?
  • Are eggs really healthy?
  • Does apple cider vinegar really help?
  • Are vitamins good?
  • Is sleep really important?
  • Do humans have an aura?

There’s so many questions that change in time and ideas that evolve into being better or worse. It’s important to continue the conversation.

The Only Thing I Know For Sure Is That I Know Nothing At All, For Sure


From debunking any and everything, to finding commonality in health and happiness. This obscure attempt to pick apart the core needs for human happiness is ready for criticism and/or contribution. The way I see it, anything that might help people understand about being happier and/or making it easier to be healthier, is always a good thing.